We have all heard of the dilemma which too many people are facing – the reach for the organic content on social media is on the decline and that too on all platforms. Facebook faced a down of nearly 20% in the year 2017 alone and both Twitter and Instagram has switched to algorithm defined feeds. As Facebook implemented their news feed algorithm, it turned out to be more successful because it helps users see more of what they like. However, this has led to one huge problem – people tend to prefer content from friends rather than brands.

Hence, brands are left nothing to do but to opt for paid ads or look for some other strategies which can maybe work its magic. While the first is an option you can always fall upon, why not brainstorm something that falls into the second category!

This is why we are here with 7 of the best tools which are sure to amplify the reach of your organic content. Of course, you will need to zero in on the right niche as well, but then again something is a good start.


We all know how much infographics are increasing in popularity these days. They turn out to be one of the most effective B2B marketing tools because they come in handy for busy decision makers. PiktoChart is mainly an infographic maker wherein you will find endless pre-designed templates.

Choose from the templates and then make use of the easy editor to create beautiful informative infographics.


It is mainly an online community which encourages bloggers business owners and even entrepreneurs to interact with each other, share and even curate content. This community can be smartly used to expand the kind of reach which your content has and you can also get more traffic to your websites too.

Based on the community votes, the best content would be featured on the homepage. You can also use this community to improve your networking and come up with mutually beneficial strategies.

Organic SearchViralContentBee

Built on the quid pro quo logic, this platform mainly helps you create content and share other people’s content, hoping they will return the favour.

Every time you share someone else’s post, you will be given share credits which will make your projects ready to be shared too.


It is mainly a content marketing tool which also serves as a multi-purpose social media. It comes packed with too many useful features which have helped you increase the reach of your content.

You can save the best posts in your libraries and use the auto post or even repeat schedule feature so that you can increase both the page views and the visibility. With the help of keyword based content curation, you can promote the content organically and help it reach other users too.

Do keep an eye out for the employee advocacy module of this tool.


A social media monitoring tool, Brand24 can be mighty useful when you put it to the right use. You can set up the right kind of alert for the keywords that are related to the niche and you could also participate in different conversations pertaining to your post.

Ideally, customize the tool in a way that every time someone has a question pertaining to the content you specialize in, you can answer them and get your post noticed.


Owing to the excessive use, the importance of hashtags had died down at one point of time.  With Hashtagify, users can analyze which hashtag would help promote their content and can fetch the right kind of visibility.

LinkedIn publishing

SEO Organic

While a lot of people underestimate its power, the publishing platform by LinkedIn can be used to get your content noticed not just by your network but the secondary connections too.  Ideally, put emphasis on the kind of title you are using as this will get you more hits.

As LinkedIn is more of a professional website, curate content which is in tandem with the majority of users. They are likely to do well.

These are some of the different ways by which you can maximize the reach which your content has. Of course, the final optimization and customization of the tools will have to be done at your end.

With a blend of these tools, you should be able to avoid the bottleneck and get your content noticed