Social Media is an unparallel marketing tool to boost the visibility of the online businesses. It got its footing many years from now and with every year passed, innovative algorithms and techniques came to make marketing more effective. In 2018, there are new social media trends for the marketers to play-with. Let’s check out the newest and recurring trends:

More Focus on Content Relevance:

Internet is filled with irrelevant stuff. When you are developing fondness about a brand, you want to know unique and relevant things about it. Improved personalization for audience is a fundamental trend in the social media trends.

With the evolvement of social platforms, the analytics tools will become comprehensive and fruitful to the brands.

These are talks of the past when all your website required was tons of content posted on it to induce customers because now, all they really want is the relevance to the subject.

More Selection Savvy

instagram marketingBoth snapchat and Instagram share common featurettes with very little to differentiate. However, the reach of each platform varies significantly. The Instagram stories has massive reach and influence,if compared to its opponent.

Snapchat is popular among younger demographics. But, as more and more software come up-shore with their overlapping features, it is becoming difficult for the brands to invest in the right model.

Make your selection wisely by ensuring the strengths of each software and how it suits the audience.

Enlarge Social Listening for Creating Marketing Metrics

The marketers are more interested in hawking on the strategies that their competitors are making and implementing. On the contrary, what they should be doing is to listen more on how the audience is reacting to these strategies.

In a survey conducted at Brand24, it has been noticed that almost 14,000 searches started with “can anyone recommend” and 30,000 started with “where I can buy” but the questions hardly received any responses from the brands.

It is important to listen to the questions and create strategies around them. By having such insights on what customers wants to know, you can potentially improve the marketing strategies.

Exceeding Involvement of Video Based Content

Over some 3 years, the fashion of video advertisements on social media has paced. And it will keep growing as per the latest social media trends.

Take Facebook for instance, the involvement on the video ads is way higher than pictures or content pieces. People take more participation, like the videos, share their comments and from there, a whole new demographic of collecting valuable customer feedback is opened.

Facebook Becoming All About Mobile

As per a basic assessment, FB will be used by 59% of users via mobile phone by the end of 2020. It is completely undebatable that FB is still the leading social media platform, entertaining major global population. And, the excessive reach has persuaded the company to become wholly mobile friendly to promote the social media usage in longer run.

Chatbots Making Customer Service Faster

The vivid and comprehensive internet infrastructure has made people impatient in wanting and getting things done. At the same time, the customer service is also expected to be rendered spontaneously.

The chatbots is shrinking the distance between customers looking for service/help and brands willing to provide the service. The trend of chatbots will magnify in 2018, make it more accessible for the customers to reach the brands.