Google+ Undergoes Major Changes

Google+ Undergoes Major Changes

Dragon Final AnimationEver since its launch, Google + has gone through a lot of different changes. Recently, Google brought in major changes to Google+. The two major changes were seen for communities and collection.

Communities now average up to 1.2 million new joins every single day. Not only this, collections which was just launched a few months ago also grew in popularity as it allows people to collate posts on the basis of topics.

Owing to the spurt in popularity of these two features, Google decided to place communities and collection at the front and the centre respectively. This has simplified the layout of Google+ a great deal. Apart from this, the developers also took care to ensure that the new design turned out to be mobile friendly.

If you too are looking to enjoy what these changes are all about, sign in to your Google+ account on your web and give it a try. The developers at Google are hopeful that with their new minimalist look, they can further popularize Google+ a great deal.

Collections is an array of content which interests people. This is why by opting to focus ion collections, people will be able to see posts that are tailored to their field of interests.

You can currently move from the new design to the old one and swap as and when you want. The developers are still working on the changes and it is likely that they will roll out a lot more updates and new features shortly. Google+ has huge potential to become the next gen social platform. However, it still has a long way to go.

Make sure to tune in to your Google+ web version today to steal a look at what’s buzzing in the field of tech and web. Looks like Google is finally getting it right with its social platform.

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